2016-03-10 17.29.37

Nelly, Holly’s daughter, facepainting at Bike Night

My daughter Nelly has been involved and attending the Boy & Girls Club for 7 years and now she is going on her 2nd year at the Teen Center. She began there because she was bored and “too old” as she said for daycare. After meeting everyone and doing my research we found this was the best place for her to be. Over the years she has learned responsibility and respect at The Club. Everyone knows her and our family on a 1st name basis. She always looks forward to attending the outside activities and loves volunteering in the community with the Club. She is excited that next year she will be old enough to volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club to help the younger kids learn as she did at that age! Our son will finally be old enough next year to attend the Club and for his sister to be old enough to be there to volunteer, I am just so excited to see everything come full circle! We always have and will continue to always support our Boys and Girls Club!

-Holly Daniels, Club parent