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2022-23 School Year App

Membership Overview

The Boys & Girls Club of Bartlesville After School program is available to all children ages 7 to 18. There are no income requirements to become a member. After school program members are assigned a membership number and card which are used to check in and out of the program.

We are open Monday through Friday from 2:30 pm to 7 pm.

We follow the Bartlesville Public School schedule. Therefore our programs are closed for the holidays and snow days which Bartlesville Public Schools observes.

We are open during Spring Break from 8 am to 5 pm.

After school program members have access to all of our 2023-2024 programs. There are no extra program fees, except for our flag football program.

Program Structure

Members rotate by age group and gender throughout the facility between the gym, game rooms, art room, computer lab and learning center. They are encouraged, but not required, to participate in our Power Hour program to complete their homework or “club bucks” which they can spend on prizes in our monthly Power Hour store. Members have access to our computer lab for homework and general supervised recreation. Our healthy lifestyles staff leads programs to engage kids in at least one hour of physical activity during their visit. Programs such as dance class, photography club, and others occur during regularly scheduled Club hours. Members are alerted via intercom to these “special” activities as they occur and have the opportunity to participate in those that interest them.


Dinner is provided daily, at no additional cost, thanks to the fantastic volunteers at East Bartlesville Christian Church.


Transportation is provided from every school via Bartlesville Public Schools and Boys & Girls Club of Bartlesville buses, except Wayside Elementary. Any questions regarding transportation should be directed to Gage Griffin, Unit Director, at 918-336-3636.