Dave Mueller, former Boys & Girls Club member:

“I have been at Jane Phillips as principal on two separate occasions, and have found that the Boys & Girls Club is an essential part of the day for many of our students.  It has provided needed after school care, great activities, study opportunities and tutoring for countless children over the years, and has been an influence for good for hundreds of JP students. During my first stint as JP principal from 1996-2000 the school district and community worked together to help procure the first computer lab for the Club.  I know that the lab has grown tremendously since then, and provides a great opportunity for many students to practice technology skills that they might otherwise not have access to at home. The BGC is a much needed opportunity for the students of Bartlesville, and is a great expression of support and care from the community and your staff towards those children. I do appreciate the experiences it provides to our JP students and am excited about the plans for future expansion and growth that are in the works for the children of our town.”