Nakia Smith, former Boys & Girls Club member:

Nakia Smith first began her journey at the Boys & Girls Club in 2011. In 2013, Nakia was honored with being the 2013-2014 Youth of the Year. Throughout her time here, Nakia was extremely involved in everything the Boys & Girls Club had to offer. She explains that her favorite programs were Keystone Club, Torch Club, as well as Powerhour. Nakia strongly believes that because of these programs and because of the Boys & Girls Club, she as grown into the contributing citizen she is today. The Boys & Girls Club aims to teach its kids the meaning of kindness, healthy relationships, and compassion. During hard times in Nakia’s life, the Boys & Girls Club became her becan of hope and safety. When walking through the front doors of the club each day, she felt at home. The staff greets each one of its members with open arms and open hearts. Because the club has always been there for Nakia, she explains that it is, and always will be, her home away from home. Nakia has very high hopes for the future of the club. She explains that she wishes to continue seeing the club be like family to each child that walks through the front door. The Boys & Girls Club has inspired Nakia to be the amazing role model and contributing citizen she is today. Nakia looks forward to seeing how the Boys & Girls Club will touch each members life and change it for the better. When Nakia was still at the Boys & Girls Club, she recalls some of her best memories being the feeling of family she got from the club. “The Boys & Girls teaches its kids to love everyone because everyone deserves to be loved and respected.” Nakia’s time at the Boys & Girls club ended in 2014 when she graduated from Bartlesville High School. However; she still continues to visit and mentor the current members whenever she gets the opportunity. Today, Nakia is fulfilling her dreams of studying Chemical Engineering at Oklahoma State University.