There is a strong correlation between a child’s ability to read and his/her academic performance. Because so much of schooling relies on the abilities to read, children must have strong reading skills to succeed and thrive in school. At the Club, we know the importance of fostering a love of learning. We utilize committed volunteers and creative recognition in order to create a fun environment that kids want to learn in.

Members are encouraged to read for 20 minutes every day and their participation is tracked with a reading chart. “I like to see the stars by my name. It makes me feel proud,” said Coree. Members earn Club Bucks each time they attend Power Readers. Additionally, those who read the most consistently over the course of a month are recognized at Club Rally and with a reward party!

Coree, age 6, likes the quiet environment for Power Readers. With upwards of 180 youth at the Club each day, Club staff is intentional about reserving space for this necessary project. Coree also likes the wide range of books available in the Club library. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is one of his favorites.

February kicked off our Power Readers program for 2017. Thanks to Susan Steward, Betty Kane, Jean Bloomfield, and the Pi Beta Phi alumnae for helping make this program possible for our members! Five youth, including Coree, received the most points through the month of February and are heading to Red Apple for a bowling party!



Chloe has been a member of the Boys & Girls Club for the past 6 years. She is very involved in helping the staff with everyday tasks around The Club and is also involved in the Career Launch program the Boys & Girls Club offers to the Teen Center. Through this program, Chloe has discovered that she would love to pursue a career in cosmetology and/or basketball. She explains that without the help of the Boys & Girls Club, she would not have realized her full potential in these fields. Read More







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Holly Daniels, Club Parent:

My daughter Nelly has been involved and attending the Boy & Girls Club for 7 years and now she is going on her 2nd year at the Teen Center. She began there because she was bored and “too old” as she said for daycare. After meeting everyone and doing my research we found this was the best place for her to be. Over the years she has learned responsibility and respect at The Club. Read More







Nakia Smith, former Boys & Girls Club member:

Nakia Smith first began her journey at the Boys & Girls Club in 2011. In 2013, Nakia was honored with being the 2013-2014 Youth of the Year. Throughout her time here, Nakia was extremely involved in everything the Boys & Girls Club had to offer. She explains that her favorite programs were Keystone Club, Torch Club, as well as Powerhour. Nakia strongly believes that because of these programs and because of the Boys & Girls Club, she as grown into the contributing citizen she is today. The Boys & Girls Club aims to teach its kids the meaning of kindness, healthy relationships, and compassion. During hard times in Nakia’s life, the Boys & Girls Club became her beacon of hope and safety. Read More





 Dave Mueller, former Boys & Girls Club member:

“I have been at Jane Phillips as principal on two separate occasions, and have found that the Boys & Girls Club is an essential part of the day for many of our students.  It has provided needed after school care, great activities, study opportunities and tutoring for countless children over the years, and has been an influence for good for hundreds of JP students. During my first stint as JP principal from 1996-2000 the school district and community worked together to help procure the first computer lab for the Club.  I know that the lab has grown tremendously since then, and provides a great opportunity for many students to practice technology skills that they might otherwise not have access to at home.” Read More